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Founded in 2009, Integrita Design is a diploma and trade-qualified freelance graphic design company (with industry awards to boot), specialising in all facets of professional graphic design, pre-press, print coordination and post-press services.

In addition to extensive training, Katrina (owner and head creative) also proudly boasts over sixteen years of active industry experience in senior design, pre-press and supervisory roles, within some of Brisbane's largest and premier printing establishments.

Katrina's customers hail from a wide scope of backgrounds and industries, and teaming up with them has given her invaluable expertise, expanded her skills, and allowed her to show flexibility with her designs.

She has worked closely with many blue-chip clients over the years, such as Coca-Cola, Suncorp Bank and Tourism New Zealand, and her client base ranges from the smallest of local business and not-for-profit organisations, through to national and international corporations alike.

In a nutshell, Integrita Graphic Design has the knowledge, expertise and resources to ensure your project is a complete and outstanding success.

"Integrita" is Italian for "Integrity", meaning honest, sincere, and sturdy
in construction.

Why Hire Integrita?

Katrina's Background

"Since a very young age I have taken a keen interest in creativity and the arts; there are many photos of me to be found in the family album, covered from head to toe in paint!

My enjoyment of all things design carried on from my early years, all the way through to the end of high school. I became increasingly curious about this ever-evolving industry, and completed several blocks of senior school work-experience in the art studio at a local printing company.

Back then the position of Graphic Designer was known as "Commercial Artist". I remember learning how to 'shoot bromides' (and the smell of the waxing machine), deep-etch film using ruby masks and opaque, and marvelling at Photoshop version 2.0! Most of this work experience was undertaken in my own time, and on school holidays – yep, I copped it from my friends, but hard work truly does pay off!"

Katrina's Education and Experience

"I graduated high school back in 1994, with an O.P. of 3 under my belt, and honours certificates in English, Economics, Maths and Modern History.

A two year Diploma in Graphic Art and Advertising became my next venture, which I studied full-time at TAFE. During this time I was privileged to freelance on a regular basis for two inner-city advertising agencies, after winning an in-course design competition. I also maximised my spare time, gaining design work experience with a small suburban screen-printing company, and a third ad agency in Brisbane's CBD.

I went on to hone my skills and expand my knowledge, by taking on a demanding four year 'Graphic Pre-Press' apprenticeship. In doing so, I gave myself a distinct advantage in my chosen career – not only can I design, I can design for both print and web – they are completely different worlds!

I was awarded 'Best Electronic Imaging Apprentice Over Four Years' for my efforts, presented at the annual Printing Industry and Craftsmanship Awards night (aka The PICA Awards). The year was 2000, what a milestone to remember!

I then moved on to exert myself in challenging roles within the printing industry, constantly learning and refining mastered skills. It was a natural progression establishing my own business, and in 2009 my enthusiasm led 'Integrita Graphic Design' to become a reality!"

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